Conference Papers


‘The Imagination versus the City: French Literature and the (re-)reading of Paris’, 3rd International Conference of the Association for Literary Urban Studies, “Cities Under Stress: Urban Discourses of Crisis, Resilience, Resistance, and Renewal,” (University of California, Santa Barbara – online) 


‘Mapping Marginalisation in the Digital Memoryscape’ Postcolonial Realms of Memory (Florida – online) 

(2021) ‘Archipelagic Memoryscapes in the 15-minute City’ ASMCF (Chester – online) 

‘The Memorial Museum in the Digital Age’ Roundtable, Memory Studies Association (Warsaw – online) 

‘e-xistential Legacies: Web Comics and the Art of Philosophy’ (Cambridge – online) 

‘Francophone Footprints and the Politics of Belonging’, ASMCF (Leeds – online) 


-‘Être ici est une splendeur: Creative Genealogies of Trauma’, Society for French Studies (Bath – online)

Panel convenor, Women Authors Writing Art: Translations, Transmissions, and Creative Genealogies [conference postponed to 2021] 


-‘Places and Spaces of Contested Identity in transnational Paris’ ASMCF (Paris)

-‘Je tweet donc je suis (français)’: social media and the politics of language’, Society for French Studies, (Royal Holloway, University of London)

-‘(Web)sites of memory’, Georgetown University: ACLA Annual Conference (Washington DC)


-‘The Art of Remembering WWI’, Hofstra University: Artistic Expressions and the Great War (New York)

-‘Authenticité, Égalité, Fraternité? Existentialism, Charlie, and the politics of crisis’, Maison française d’Oxford: Existentialism and Political Thought

-‘The Sound(s) of Surrealism: on the Musicality of Painting’, IMLR: Surrealism and music in France (London)

-With R. Barbier ‘From Virtual Exchange to Face-to-Face Meeting: Intercultural and Language Learning Outcomes of Telecollaboration’, UNICollaboration (Krakow)


-‘Irresistibly Infrathin: the Blurred Borders of Dada and the Liminality of its Legacies’, Centre of European Modernism Studies: Borders of Modernism (Perugia)

-‘Sentimental Old Dada: Mapping Modernist Emotion in the Era of the Ageing Avant-Garde’, Société d’Études Modernistes: Modernist Emotions (Paris)

-‘A Hundred Times Nothing: Investigating Dada’s Somethingness through its Own Quest for Nothingness’, EAM, Quest and Investigation (Rennes)

-‘The Surgeon and the Photographer: the Transplantation of Trauma and the Reappropriation of Resistance’, Resistance to War (Leeds)


-‘Dada t’es plus dans l’coup? Memorialising modernism in the age of the avant-garde centenary’, Inaugural Modernist Network Cymru Conference (Swansea)


-‘Modernisn’t Communities: Dada Despite Itself’, Inaugural International Conference of the Société d’Études Modernistes: Modernist Communities (Paris)

-‘Allow me to be Franc: the hidden bankroll of Paris Dada’, 20th/21st-Century French and Francophone Studies: Money (New York)


-‘Étranger à moi-même: Sartre, Camus, and Avant-Garde Alterity’, Sartre Society: Sartre and Camus (London)

-‘Downgrading Dada Deviance, or, “How I became Charming, Likeable and Delightful”’, Censorship and Deviance (St Andrews)

-‘How am I not myself? Dada Cinema’s Existential Crisis, or, the Authenticity of Ambiguity’, Studies in French Cinema (London)

-‘Fauxtography and the Reel’, Transfer and Transformation (Birmingham)


-‘The Persistence of reMemory: Dada, Existentialism, and the (re)construction of Meaning and Time’, Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies: Remanence (London)

-‘Authenticity and Ambiguity: Dada and Existentialism’, Centre for Modernism Studies: Authenticity (York)

-‘Bodies of desIgnDENTITY: Sophie Taeuber, Dada, and the (re)construction of the fragmented self’, CADRE (Wolverhampton)


-‘A Rebellion of Absurd Outsiders: Dada and Existentialism’, Réseau-F Study Day (Warwick)

-‘Much Ado about “Nothing”: Self-kleptomania and Self-promotion in Dada’s reviews and manifestos’, Avant-Garde Postgraduate Symposium (Birmingham)


-‘Mindsets and Madness: Diagnosing Dada Film’, Postgraduate Winter Forum (Birmingham)